UK Car Registrations (updated Q3/2021)

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What it is about?

This Fact sheet contains information about number of licences per model over time in the UK.

What can you use it for?

  • If you are interested about the general trends in the auto industry
  • If you would like to analyse a particular brand or model
  • Maybe it can help you in your car purchase decision

What are the exact data sources used?

How were these sources modified?

  • Brand, Model, Type information was not readily available from the data source. Because how the data was collected the Model and Type information is an artificial split.
  • UK and GB numbers was separately available, so filtered the data to only contain UK numbers to avoid double counting.
  • Only those Brands are visible in the report that had at least 10.000 licences at the end of Q3/2021, this decreases the number of brands from 368 to 52 but the overall number of licences only decreased to 32.36 Million from 32.49 Million. This should make the data much more digestible.

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