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World around us!

There is a new saying: “Data is the new oil”!
As we are living in the 4th industrial revolution or the 1st Information revolution, this saying more and more becomes a reality for everyone.
But data as oil is worthless without some kind of refinement. Extracting information and knowledge from data is what makes it valuable.


Turning data to insight

Current open data portals does not give an easy way to really analyze the data they provide. Even searching for the right data set is hard in the most cases.

The project goal is to make the available data accessible to anyone!
I intend to encourage public discussions about the facts by making it easy to analyse public or openly available information.

There will be 2 different ways to enable everyone to actually get value out of the open data available.

Fact Sheets

It will give you the ability to dive deep in the whole data set. Whole sheet is created for you to be able to slice and dice the data to see any subset of the data set of your interest.


It is closer to data journalism, where I look at interesting insights in these data sets and create compelling stories out of it.

Who am I?

I love working with data and with people who try to find value in the data. This is my job and I decided to leverage my knowledge for the common good. I think I will learn a lot during this project and hopefully a lot of people will find it useful.

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